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The History of Clyffe House:

Five generations of Muskoka hospitality on Mary Lake

Softcover | December 1st, 2016
By: David B. Scott

The History of Clyffe House - five generations of Muskoka hospitality on Mary Lake is hot off the press! This soft cover book narrates the history of the oldest resort in Muskoka still run continuously by the original founding family.

A very captivating and personal story, The History of Clyffe House is told by the current, fourth generation owner, David Scott, with contributions from past and current staff and guests. Full of wonderful historic photos (some dating back to 1900), this book shares the story of a small family resort that has touched the lives of so many people over its 130 years of operation.

Family. Tradition. Muskoka.

About the Author:

David Scott is a retired high school teacher and the fourth generation of his family to own and operate Clyffe House. David took over mangement of the hotel from his mother and aunt in 1975, eventually moving home in 1989 to teach at Huntsville High School for the remaining years of his teaching career. David enjoys the beauty of Muskoka with his wife Arlene, his four children and six grand-children. David also co-authored These Memories I Leave to You, a history of the Mary Lake settlers, with his friend and neighbour, Ryan Kidd.