A beautiful Muskoka sunset over Mary Lake in Port Sydney

Clyffe House Q&A:

Is Clyffe House really over a hundred years old?

Yes! My great grandparents, James and Fanny Jenner, settled on Clyffe House property from England in 1869. Originally they had expected to farm, but soon realized it would be selfish not to share the beautiful valley and shallow sandy beach with others! Their son, Robert Jenner. converted the original farmhouse into a resort and started accepting guests in 1905.

Is the lake bottom "mushy" or "weedy"?

We are lucky to have one of the nicest beaches on Mary Lake! On the swimming side of the dock, you can walk out over 100 feet on a hard-packed, sandy bottom. Looking at the first picture, you can see the sandy beach and how shallow the water is near the shoreline. At the end of the main dock, the water is about waist-deep for the average adult and remains firm and weedless. (You can see the bottom in the second photo which shows the end of the main dock) If you are looking to practice your cannonball or teach your children how to dive, you can swim out to the raft which is anchored in about 8-12ft of water.
The "boat-side" of the dock, on the other hand, IS mushy. That's why we keep the boats there! This side of the dock (shown in the third picture) is often patrolled by the children looking to catch frogs and minnows.

Swimming area and beach:
Clyffe House waterfront; raft, swimming area, beach and main dock
Shallow and firm bottom at dock's end:
Lake bottom is shallow, firm and sandy at end of the main dock
"Boat side" has weeds and lily pads:
The boat side of the dock has weeds and lilypads. P.S Who says girls don't enjoy searching for frogs and other fun creatures?

Is the tap water safe to drink?

Our tap water is very safe to drink even though it comes from the lake. Before it arrives at your cottage it has passed through three levels of protection; filtration, chlorination and ultraviolet disinfection. The system is tested daily by a certified small water operator as outlined by the Safe Drinking Water Act. Water samples are sent to a government licensed laboratory for testing on a bi-weekly basis.

Why do you only rent to familes with children in July and August?

Our goal is to provide a safe and fun environment for familes to relax, spend quality time together, and take advantage of Muskoka's natural beauty.

Catering to families exclusivly means:
  • Everyone has the same holiday objective
  • Kids have other kids to play with
  • Parents get a chance to relax while kids are busy playing with each other

Most of my fondest childhood memories occurred at Clyffe House and I know that all four of my children feel the same way. Clyffe House is a place where kids catch their first fish, learn to swim, make new friends and memories that last a lifetime. It is for those reasons that we love renting to families.

Playing baseball on one of the lawns:
Playing baseball on one of Clyffe House's several large lawns
Safety First!
Safety First: All ready for a boat ride
Enjoying the beach
Enjoying the sandy beach

What time is check-out and check-in?


During July and August, we ask our guests to leave before 10:00am on Saturday morning. We have a small cleaning staff and they require an early start in order to properly clean all our cottages.


Your cottage should be ready for your arrival after 4:00pm on Saturday. The doors are unlocked and you will find your keys and an information booklet inside. If you notice any problems upon your arrival, please do not hestiate to call me.

Spring & Fall:

In the Spring & Fall, most of our business comes from weekend rentals which have greater flexibility in regards to check-in and check-out times. All Spring & Fall rentals will have their check-in/out times confirmed during booking.

Do you serve meals?

We stopped providing meals when I took over the resort in the 70's. (I quickly learned that prowess in the kitchen is not genetic) Your cottage should have fully equipped kitchens that should have the everyday tools you need to cook your meals. Please let me know if you need something specific for that special meal you have planned.

Can I bring my pet?

No, we don't allow pets at the Resort. There are many reasons for this but the top three are allergies, noise, and safety of the children. Yes we realize that your dog is non-allergetic, doesn't bark and loves children; however, we can't make exceptions. If you miss your furry friend that much, you are welcome to come up the hill and pet our dog Sophie! Sometimes she'll even sneak away and come see you! She knows she's not supposed to be running around the resort, but when she hears everyone having so much FUN she just can't resist! (Seriously though - she's not supposed to be down there, so please call us if you see her running loose!)


Sophie is our golden retriever and a professional food scammer!

Are you open year round?

No, we are only open from May to October. The "official" open and close dates can vary from year to year due to considerations such as weather, construction projects and varations of holidays. As a general rule of thumb, we open around the second week of May and close a week or two after Thanksgiving.