Privacy Policy:

Privacy Policy / Terms of Use:

The Privacy Policy outlines how Clyffe House Cottage Resort ("Clyffe House") collects and protects personal information. Protecting your privacy and the confidentiality of your information; whether over the internet, on the telephone, or through our office, is very important to us. Clyffe House operates on the basis of this Privacy Policy and related procedures that guide the handling of the personal information we collect. Clyffe House has created this privacy statement in order to demonstrate our firm commitment to protecting the privacy of our guests and potential website visitors. This policy and related procedures are consistent with the applicable privacy legislation.

Privacy Statement

This policy deals only with personal information handled by Clyffe House. Personal information is information about an identifiable individual, excluding business contact information. The following explains how Clyffe House handles personal information. Clyffe House reserved the right to change this policy and it may be updated periodically. These changes may affect our use of your personal information. Accordingly, please check for changes regularly.


Clyffe House is accountable for all personal information under its control. The Clyffe House privacy officer is Andrew Scott with whom is designated as responsible for the Clyffe House privacy policy.

The Privacy Officer can be reached by:
Andrew Scott
Mail: 1010 Muskoka Road 10, Port Sydney, ON, P0B 1L0

Clyffe House will not use personal information for any other purpose than identified at or before the time of collection without your consent.


Clyffe House seeks consent for all personal information collected, used and disclosed through information provided to individuals prior to collection, or at the time of collection.

If you have voluntarily provided information, you have consented to the collection, use and disclosure of your personally identifiable information as described in this privacy policy. Clyffe House will not use personal information for any purpose other than that for which you consented.

Should Clyffe House require personal information for a new purpose, we will contact you to seek consent for that new use.

Clyffe House does not sell or trade any personal information with third parties. Clyffe House may transfer information to service providers where information processing is outsourced by Clyffe House in the course of its administrative procedures or members services in specific cases. Where personal information is transferred to a service provider for processing, we require the service provider to respect this Privacy Policy and we restrict them from using or disclosing personal information transferred to them for any purpose other than the provision of services to us. Any personal information that Clyffe House retains is kept in such a manner as to ensure its security and confidentiality.

Plain Language:

Clyffe House collects and stores personal information for the purpose of providing vacation rentals. For example, we may collect guest names, contact information, payment information, general information about your stay and other personal details for the purposes of: creating and holding reservations, receiving payments, rebooking and limited use for marketing activities. (Images)

Your Data and 3rd Parties:

Your personal information may be provided to 3rd parties when processing payments. This includes TD Merchant services for Credit Card processing, SQUARE ONE for Credit Card Processing, TD Bank for e-mail money Transfers and cheques. By voluntarily choosing to pay with these payment methods, we consider it implied consent to the use of your personal information required to facilitate these transactions.

Clyffe House uses several third-party Internet Services that may contain your personal data. Google Gmail, Microsoft Hotmail and Vianet are used for some e-mail communications and Siteground is our Web Services and Database provider. These are well respected companies with privacy protection policies of their own. It is important to understand, that these companies may host data on servers that are physically located outside of Canada. Clyffe House does not provide these companies with your persons data directly, but your personal data may be stored on servers controlled by these organizations.

Clyffe House is listed on many 3rd-party booking websites; such as, TripAdvisor, Flipkey,, Agoda, etc. These sites may collect your personal data as part of the booking process. You must contact these sites directly with any privacy concerns. Clyffe House may receive personal information from these companies but does not send your personal data to these sites.


Clyffe House uses social media and online platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Trip Advisor, FlipKey,, Agoda, etc for the purposes of marketing. Choosing to interact with Clyffe House on social media is done at your own prerogative. Every effort is made to ensure Clyffe House only uses photos where verbal consent was obtained at the time photograph was taken, written consent is received prior to posting, photos were provided by guests or subjects in the photo are far enough in the distance, out of focus or otherwise difficult to determine indent we may deem implied consent. In some cases, someone in your group or another guess have provided consent without explicit consent from everyone capture within the image. Regardless of the circumstances, every effort will be made to remove or alter any photo that contains your likeness upon request. Please contact the privacy office with the photo details.

The above list of third-party services should not be considered an exhaustive list and may change from time to time. Every effort is made to ensure our guests have an accurate picture of how and where their personal information is used.

Limits for collection, using, disclosing and keeping personal information:

Clyffe House does not collect, use or disclose personal information of individuals except when individuals give consent and provide the information on a voluntary basis. There may be occasions where more specific personal information is necessary for us to proceed with a request for information, or provide you with a product or service. In such cases, we will provide you with a description on the information we need. In all cases, Clyffe House will limit the amount and type of information collected to only the personal information that is required to provide the individual with the requested information, product, or service. We collect only information that is voluntarily provided by you and undertake that such information will be kept strictly confidential.

Data Retention:

The majority of Clyffe House guests are repeat business and therefore we retain contact information to facilitate rebookings. If you wish to be removed from our customer database, please contact the Privacy Officer. We may automatically remove contacts after an extended period where no bookings or inquires have been received and we were unable to reconfirm consent.

Safeguarding Personal Information

Clyffe House respects the privacy of our members, partners, potential website visitors and Internet users and will protect that privacy as vigorously as possible. Clyffe House stores personal information in electronic and physical files that to the best of their ability, are secure. Unfortunately, no data transmission over the Internet can be guaranteed to be 100% secure. As a result, while Clyffe House strives to protect your personal information, we cannot ensure or warrant the security of any information you transmit to us or receive from us electronically. This is especially true for information you transmit to us via e-mail. We have no way of protecting that information until it reaches us. Once we receive your transmission, we make our best efforts to ensure its security on our servers.

Accuracy of and Access to Personal Information Collected

Clyffe House makes every effort to keep personal information as accurate, complete, current and relevant as necessary for the identified purposes. Clyffe House does not routinely update personal information.

Clyffe House makes readily available to individuals our Privacy Policy and related procedures for managing personal information. Clyffe House provides access to the Privacy Policy and related procedures to individuals on Clyffe House’s website and/or in written form. Any questions about the handling of personal information by Clyffe House can be raised with Clyffe House Privacy Officer. At the written request of an individual, he or she may view or edit their personal information as collected by Clyffe House. Clyffe House will inform them of what personal information we have about the individual, what it is being used for and,

In cases where it has been disclosed, to whom it has been disclosed. There may be exceptional circumstances, under which Clyffe House may not be able to give an individual access to the personal information about her or him held by Clyffe House. In this case Clyffe House will explain the reason for this lack of access.

To make a request, please: send a letter, email or fax, addressed to Clyffe House Privacy Officer at the address indicated above. In your request, please include the following information: Your Name Contact details

The nature of your request, including whether you wish to view and/or edit information or inquire regarding use and/or disclosure.

Clyffe House will reply to your request in no later than thirty (30) days after receipt of the request, or if we are not able to respond within this time period, we will send you a notice of extension. If we are not able to disclose all personal information we hold on you, we will give you a reason for our inability to do so, unless prohibited by law.


Any questions or comments about the Clyffe House Cottage Resort's handling of personal information should be directed to the Privacy Officer.